Monday, March 17, 2003

So i went to Health Services today... My ear has been hurting for a long time. As well i've had a cold for a good while. I got in, very short wait, then i saw the nurse. They had to do my vitals cus i had never been there before. I mean NEVER, to the point that they had my address from last year. So they checked my ears, my right ear was normal, my left ear though, no wax (cus i had been using this wax removal thinking there was some kinda build up), but she informed me that my ear was infected. She said "Yeah, it's infected. It's all red in there, and your ear drum is swollen." In fact, she told me i had a slight fever and an ear infection which might have come from the fever. So she they gave me some drugs, i want to say Anoxolyn, and then some Pseudoephedrine, and some Acetaminophen. She was like, "i'm trying to decide if you should take 500mg of Anoxolyn or 1000mg... ...oh, let's just go with 1000mg." I was like, "i'm a big man, i see how it makes sense."

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