Sunday, March 30, 2003

I can't stand umbrellas. I think i've told y'all this before. They are so annoying, and then the person next to you always wants to share their umbrella with you. While it is very noble, it is extremely unpleasant. I don't know, i just can't stand umbrellas. Umbrellas are an individual instrument. Think about it, one of you has to hold it, there's barely enough room for two people. And then your walking is all screwed up cus you have to huddle. Oh, and don't let one of you be tall. It's over, either the person is hunched to just plain evil proportions, or the short person is wet. I personally just rather not be under the umbrella. THEN however, the person with the umbrella is steady poking me in the head with their umbrella trying to walk and talk next to me. It's just water. Really clean water at that. Some times it feels really good too. I like the rain. I like the smell of rain. I love the sound of rain. I like the way things look when it rains. Maybe I just can't stand umbrellas and the fuels my affection for rain... i dunno. I know what though, I'll SLAP AN UMBRELLA!!! More power to rain.

Peace (in the middle east). (corny, yet valid)

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