Wednesday, March 19, 2003

It's spring break. I'm sitting here, struggling, trying to write this midterm with my question as WHAT IS A STATE? And i know that Weber is the author to look up in the reader so i'm working through it. Reading intently, he barely mentioned what the state is or how it comes about, but it's all I saw so i was like "D'okay... dee-deedee!!" So one day goes by, two days go by, soon it's getting down to the wire, what do I discover? "WHAT IS A STATE?" by Max Weber; I was like, "ain't this 'bout a [censored]". I was like halfway done with my paper too. Well, halfway done with the outline of my paper, but all i would have to do is type the thing up. Now I have to read this totally foreign article and see if it totally alters my paper. Oh well, at least it is not due tomorrow morning.

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