Monday, March 17, 2003

So in my dorm, Wren, supposedly exists this type of bug only known to this dorm. Called a wrenbug, now over the years most people have seen mostly what is known as Silverfish and thought that to be the wren bug. Alas, i say NO. The real wrenbug is about 4inches long, yellow, looks somewhat like a catapiller/centapied, and moves FAST. How do I know, eyewitness report. So imagine me carrying my size 14 timbaland look-alike trying to kill this thing that stays on the walls. Didn't see it though. Don't want to see it. Especially not in my room. ESPECIALLY, not in my room. Y'all know about my 3 feet rule. "If any creature comes within 3feet of me, it relinquishes it's right to live."

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