Sunday, July 02, 2006

Redefining First Place...

So my band (in which I feel ownership as being a part of it) was in the regional finals of this international Battle of the Bands contest this past weekend. I originally felt like the thing was a pyramid scheme (which it is to a degree) but I still let us participate anyway.
Because we would get to play the top venues in the city if we won. Well, as mentioned before we made it to the regional finals. Meaning we essentially bested hundreds of other bands (cus there were multiple rounds with multiple nights of contest with multiple bands that competed) to finally arrive at the finals we were in Saturday night.
How did you guys do?
We placed 3rd overall, as so voted by the judges. Their decision was final. However in a seperate vote we were picked #1 by the other competing bands, which we feel is a major compliment. Plus I think we will be quite fine in the long run with our 3rd place. Thus the experience was everything we thought it would be and more.
We went farther than we thought we would. We were heard by more people than we thought we would be. And, we gained the respect of the musical community (artists and enthusiasts alike). Thus we came out on top, ask the bands! :-)
And sincere thanks to anyone who came to any of the rounds and voted us on. THANK YOU!!

How did Melodesiac do? The answer is a few clicks away.

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