Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hip Hopcracy...

It's no World Cup, but the 135th British Open Championship is in progress. I believe they just call it "The Open Championship" because it is one of the first championships and it is played on the worlds oldest golf course. The commentators are doing that soft spoken voice they love to use as if paying honor to the reign of this course whilst describing it. "California... knows how to party..." breaks the vibe as the camera changes scenes. Oh no... it's not some technical error. Indeed they are playing "California Love" by Dr. Dre ft. Tupac during the coverage of the 135th British Open. Wow! I'm not mad. I'm just amazed. Allow me to explain.

Dr. Dre was a founding member of NWA, one of the groups credited with the emergence of 'gangsta rap'. The group's Sraight Outta Compton album was one of the reasons we have the 'parental advisory' sticker on music products today. The amazement is that somehow rap has become so accepted, so innocuous that one of the arguably most recognizable rap songs is played during coverage of what is possibly the most esteemed tournament in golf. GOLF!! Not tennis... you know what out-of-place song tennis gets during the RCA Championship coverage... the theme to 'The Price is Right'. HARMLESS!! Light-hearted, humorous even. If they EVER play 'dead prez' on golf, THEN i will be amazed. Heck, if they play 'dead prez' on mainstream urban radio, i'll be impressed.

In case you don't know about N.W.A.

Feel free to educate yourself on dead prez

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