Thursday, July 13, 2006

Created or Destoyed...

The amalgamation of letters you see before you is the seed of my procastination. Seed in the 'offspring' sence not 'farming' sense, though the potential for a double entendre is not lost on any of us I hope. Speaking of hope, I call upon it as a crutch in the creative battle within which I am currently caught.
It is a fascinating thing 'to create'. There are many portions of this to marvel at but allow me to clarify. Not the process, or the art of it, but i mean the actual point in which you go from attempt to success in creation. Especially if it wasn't something that came to you, but when you actually worked for the idea. Well, that is what i'm trying to do now.

[Insert 3 hours of being distracted learning to play "Stairway to Heaven"]

The hardest thing to do is to stay focused and actually build upon the idea before it morphs into whatever else you come up with. Because ideas don't come solo. Oh no, they flow in like a flood. Then you have all these ideas that you have to ignore. Before you were literally at your wit's end, now you want you wit to shut up and give you a minute. Y'know, so you can actually develop the first idea. I should go do that now.


Links coming soon... soon as i remember them.

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