Saturday, July 22, 2006

When ur roommate moves...

Only when your roommate moves do you realize how much was his. Couch is gone. True. Knew that. Room next to that is completely empty. Also true. I really didn't feel like it affected me until I went to heat up some pizza and... no microwave. True.
So now I type to you while I wait for my pizza to cook again... in the oven. Patience. What i've also learned = Gas stoves seem dangerous. I'm trusting this thing to regulate a minor explosion when it fills a portion of the oven with gas then ignites it. I don't know the history of this stove. I wasn't there the time it possibly broke down. Hell, I SURELY don't want to be here the next time it does. Anyway, the latest addition to my roommates belongings include the internet modem. When he takes that... I shall not be so happy.


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