Thursday, July 20, 2006

Follow up...

Recently Carla needed a watch, so we went shopping for one. Eventually visiting my old job because they have the best inexpensive watches. I don't know about you but anything over $15 is too much for a watch for me right now.
Anyway, while there my boss updated me on all the changes that occured after I left. I won't go into details but essentially I left at the perfect time. Well, for my benefit that is... them, not so much. Jobs were lost. Jobs were shredded. Jobs were pleaded for again. It happens, but the lesson is never look back except to learn a lesson or help somebody do the same.

Bloggito peace.


Why is Israel trying to be like the U.S. ?

Why didn't I know that Erykah Badu got a booty? She from TX though, so it makes sense. TX stand UP!

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