Friday, July 21, 2006

Whatever you say...

Honestly, every now and then I don't hear what people say to me. This crucial prerequisite doesn't stop me from responding though. I usually give them some non-descript affirmation or question. Like... "Why?" When clearly "How have you been?" doesn't prompt that response. If taken incorrectly that could have been fighting words. Ok, well the person would have to be on some serious Napoleon ish, but still.

I wonder if this happens in more crucial arenas. Politics? The Pentagon? How messed up would it be if someone misunderstood someone on that level. "Wait... you don't want me to press the button?!" "No!" "'No, you do' or 'No, i don't want you to press the button'". I've always thought that was interesting. The 'no' of agreement. People could be more eloquent. They won't be though, until they are. Kidding, i just love ridiculously obvious declarations. Carry on 'bout ya business.


How the ear works... just in case.

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