Tuesday, July 11, 2006

How many words does it take you to get to the center of a Footballer?...

I've been away the last few days, meeting with roommates for the new apartment and chillin' with Carla. (Sidenote: My new roommates keep adding the qualifer "so if you decide to take the place" into their speech. Which would be fine were we not talking about things like HOW I'M DEFINITELY SIGNING THE LEASE and WHEN I'M DEFINITELY MOVING MY STUFF IN I and how I told them from jump that "I AM DEFINITELY MOVING INTO THIS PLACE." Indeed my precise words. Anyway...)

On Sunday, we caught the 2006 World Cup Final, even missed a movie for it (hadn't bought tix yet, so it was all good). It was a good game, and also funny. Especially when Zinedine Zidane waylayed Marco Materazzi. Catching one of those blows that makes you wince in sympathetic pain, Materazzi proved why you DON'T insult a three-time World Player of the Year. "Three-time!" means he wasn't just a lucky pick. It denotes that dude ain't no punk (as proven by informally introducing his head to your sternum).

As is the world, i'm curious what you have to say to make a dude ram his head into your ribs hurling you to the ground. I say hurling, cus Materazzi indeed went from standing to slamming into the ground vertebrae first on impact. Surely Materazzi's should be put into that rule book of shit you just don't say period.

Izza my fava renedizzion of the Zidane Headbutt. (I feel no remorse for my bad italian impression. If you don't know why turn on MTV!)

Why you don't insult talent...

Best way to insult = with 2400 word vocabulary (the average vocab = 800 words).
Change 'Thou' to 'Yo momma' and it's a wrap!
Oh, and a crowd going "oooooooooo"!

An interview between Saul Williams and Henry Rollins, two cats that could easily verbally shit on you...

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