Sunday, June 01, 2008

As-Dunkin’ Alaykum

Rachael Ray in extremist scarf

“First off, f#@k your b!tch and the click you claim!!”

So apparently Dunkin’ Donuts wants to make you imbibe terrorism (one over-portioned ice coffee at a time). Apparently the scarf in an ad featuring their mascot Rachael Ray (that’s right… i said mascot, what?!) has sparked anti-terrorism sentiments in a right-wing blogger who managed to fan it into her 15seconds of fame (no one has minutes of fame anymore). The black and white scarf supposedly is too similar to a traditional Arab keffiyeh. Why is that a problem?, you ask. Naturally your average American assumes ‘remotely similar to Arab’ equals terrorist, thus complaints arose that the scarf was the same kind worn by extremists and thus gives some the impression Dunkin’ is supporting their views.

“Fashion statements may seem insignificant, but when they lead to the mainstreaming of violence - unintentionally or not - they matter,” Ms Malkin has written.

Mainstreaming of violence?! You think a silky scarf is corrupting society. Wow!! And do u think black cats worship the devil?! (Response is probably “No, just their owners”). In this action-blockbuster per weekend, shoot-first-spread-democracy-later presidency, ‘dead-nine-is-a-headline’ country we live in, you really think violence can be any more mainstreamed by a silky scarf? Or worse that the silky scarf promotes terrorism? ‘Terror eye for the straight guy?’ That’s just over-sensitive. I’m not even gone add a qualifier to explicitly make that editorial, no, i’m stating that sh*t as fact. As in, I hope a majority of people would be afraid to know there are people that agree with you working near them, sleeping by them, shopping where they shop. Be afraid. Raise the alert to a metro-sexual pastel.

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