Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wale - "The Artistic Integrity"

Props to Wale for breakin' in the game.

I say "breaking" because that is the prerequisite for reaching the masses nowadays. Hope the rest of his work is on par with this here. What I've heard so far I'm cool with though. Peep the video.

That said, I haven't heard much about Wale (pronounced 'wah-lay'). Though that is only as far as passively keeping up with the music world goes. I'm sure if you wanted to find out more about the cat you could but I don't see that as a good measure of whether someone is actually blowing up or not. Now when I turn on the TV (you know, to the one channel that still plays music videos) and you're there, you're probably blowing up right then. Why? 'Cause that's about all the average listener does these days. That's where they find their new music (that and commercials -- ask Yael Naim).

With the iTunes generation taking over, if your "hit" is on the radio it's probably well known on some other medium first (internet, TV, periodicals). Last time I checked, dude wasn't on the radio (and yes, i literally make periodic samples to reference versus billboard charts). Thus, even though i've seen him on the cover of one or two magazines, as a 'featured artist' on MySpace and on that new The Roots single strangely absent from the airwaves, I'd still say Wale hasn't exactly blown up yet. But I guess it's time to be on the lookout for this here video, 'cause with rhymes like these I assume the saying will be "he's too smart for radio".

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