Sunday, June 15, 2008

One man’s trash…

Stevie Wonder blessing the keys.

Recently came across this Stevie Wonder throwaway clip from 1974 thanks to ?uestlove. He may not blog that often, but he definitely makes up for it with the quality rather than quantity. Now, the cautionary tone in his words were straight out of The Ring. “If you listen to this, you will die!” Ok, ok, really it was more like “…you will not stop listening to this… for seven days!”

My dumbass went and played it not realizing he meant that!! No, no. Correction!! He meant, ‘You may be late to work listening to this at home. You may not pay enough attention to your girl analyzing the changes and appreciating Stevie’s impeccable vocals, thus leaving you lonely. But you won’t care. You’ve got this tease of musical greatness to keep you warm; make you remember what music could be.’ ::sigh:: Please understand that my life has been measured in 45 second intervals for the past week.
Now, you may have a chance at freedom from the clutches of this clip in that the one provided here for you will not repeat (unlike Mr. Thompson’s post - good job, sir). Hopefully, for your sake, you come away with the feeling that this bit of aural pleasure was over-hyped. Something to the effect of, “It’s not really all that. I don’t know why Rev was trippin’. Where’s my Usher album?”
In that case, you probably aren’t listening to it right. Just like folks that say sex is overrated probably aren’t doing it right (or they’re partners suck - or don’t - i digress). Nevertheless, I bestow upon you the credit you deserve. Thus assuming you can appreciate even 1/3 of the music in this 45 second clip, you will probably react as my boy did when I told him about it. In fact I’ll leave you with that convo:

The Reverend (3:50:35 AM): i am tempted not to do this to you… cus i know u will listen to this
The Reverend (3:50:38 AM): TOO much
The Reverend (3:50:49 AM): [Stevie Wonder - 1974 snippet]
Homey (3:50:49 AM): dont do it
The Reverend (3:50:54 AM): aw
The Reverend (3:50:57 AM): don’t click on it then
The Reverend (3:50:59 AM): save yourself
The Reverend (3:51:02 AM): it will consume you
Homey (3:51:09 AM): but its right there
Homey (3:51:12 AM): i have to click on it
The Reverend (3:51:16 AM): noooo
The Reverend (3:51:21 AM): you have so much to live for
Homey (3:51:30 AM): but its right there tho
Homey (3:51:34 AM): you didnt have to do it..
The Reverend (3:51:43 AM): ok, read… this first
The Reverend (3:52:09 AM): [?uestlove's OkayPlayer Blog Post]
The Reverend (3:52:18 AM): this is the closest i can do to prepare you and warn you
The Reverend (3:53:07 AM): and unlike the link i clicked, the one i sent you won’t automatically play it on repeat
The Reverend (3:53:14 AM): so maybe if you only hear it once you may escape
Homey (3:54:51 AM): wtf
Homey (3:55:01 AM): why the fuck would you do that tho…
Homey (3:55:06 AM): its fucking stevie wonder
Homey (3:55:13 AM): not some schmuck
The Reverend (3:55:47 AM): HAHAHAHAHA
Homey (3:56:04 AM): thats not even conceivable

Sidenote: Definitely cop that “Songs In the Key of Life” by Sir Steveland. I’m currently jamming “Summer Soft” but other favorites include “Knocks Me Off My Feet”, “As”, “I Wish” and pretty soon “All Day Sucker”.

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