Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Clinton to Drop Presidential Bid

Clinton to withdraw Saturday

Literally, not a moment too soon.

Reports from the Clinton campaign announce that she will concede her party’s nomination Saturday and endorse Senator Obama. A conference call to senior Democrats was among the turning points in her stance. She still has yet to publicly admit she lost the contest. However, all primaries have concluded and Clinton remains short of the necessary delegate count needed to become the Democratic nominee. Supporters were stunned in her speech as Obama claimed victory in which she seemed determined as ever to press onward.

Many (including we here at AfroThought) have speculated that her prolonged campaign was a tactic to position herself as the prominent choice for Vice President. Public opinion seems mixed about an Obama-Clinton ticket. While some feel it would unite the party, others feel she would negate the “change” so desired by the Obama campaign. It is however clear that Obama needs a running mate with foriegn policy experience, as well as experience in Washington. However many more see Clinton as far too polarizing a figure to aide the Obama ticket. Her active endorsement will definitely be much needed among the voting groups with which Obama has had difficulty. Clinton has expressed strong commitment to do “whatever it takes” to makes sure her party wins in November.

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