Sunday, June 08, 2008

Fail: ???????

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It’s quiet. A little too quiet.

So I had in mind who Failed this week, but on second thought their shortcomings weren’t that crucial. In fact, their perspective follows a predictable line of logic they have been up to for months. Also, most of it revolved around Hillary again (and two Fails is beating a dead horse - where did this saying come from, who was out beating dead horses?). Whether it be Bob Johnson’s “please baby please” urging for Senator Obama to select his favorite blonde as VP or the millions (::like The Rock fans:: “and millions”) of people who are seriously considering voting for McCain just because Haterade didn’t seal the deal, AfroThought is beyond wasting a fail on them. However we’ve mentioned a larger looming darkness… (”Darkeness is spreading”).

Thankful as we are, it has been at tad long since the last Black embarrassment. You know the moment i mean. You hear a news report about some fool whose blunder made it to the national stage and all you are thinking is “Please don’t be Black; please don’t be Black, please don’t be … d*mn D*mn D*MN (shaking Good Times style)!!” Sure enough. Now you’re hoping there is some angle that this brotha’s actions were understandable but of course there isn’t. Not even close. Like the DC sniper. For the remainder of history brothas can no longer go… “somebody sniping folks? Mayn, white folks are crazy.” That there was a stereotype you could have left alone. A glass ceiling window, basement window (with bars over it), that was perfectly fine in tact.

So who’s it going to be? More so… when? If possible can it hold off ’til December? And Mr. Embarrasment can you not be famous? As in, all you celebrity’s and public figures stop f*ckin’ up for the next six months. I know that’s alot to ask. I know you it pains you to go through everyday knowing you are passing up perfectly good moments to throw your life away. But please, just give us til December. Now, why am I so paranoid? Well, think about it. We’re doing pretty well this year. Last thing i can really think of was Vick and that was late ‘07 really so that doesn’t count. Did the Source Awards pass already? I know we have the BET awards later this month. How about we ride this thang on out? There are plenty of dumb ninjas out there waiting to be an embarrassment to themselves, their family and their people. How about we just be cool? That’s what we do. Ain’t a day I’m not proud of how cool we can be. Let’s just bank on that real quick. At least til December or even the start of ‘09. After that there inauguration, do you. Alright, then. Ready… break.

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