Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Obama Clinches Democratic Nomination

Obama clinches Democratic nomination

“Who’s the man with the masterplan?!”

In a historic occasion last night, Senator Barack Obama officially declared himself the Democratic party’s presumptive nominee. Following the primaries in both Montana and South Dakota, the Illinois senator crossed the threshold of 2,118 necessary delegates needed to clinch to nomination. Obama is expected to have an estimated 2,156 delegates garnered not only by the primaries but also an influx of super-delegates.

In the past week, in effort to bring the heavily contested democratic nomination race to an end, the Obama campaign reached out to super-delegates who were on the fence or leaning in the direction of his campaign to make endorsements; thus receiving backing from super-delegates in Oregon, Colorado, Guam, Wyoming, California and Texas. The results of the primaries split as expected were still enough to push Obama well beyond the needed delegates. In fact, it has been reported for weeks that Obama could lose every remaining primary with a 40-60 margin and still clinch the nomination. Now June 3, 2008, he has made history as the first African-American to clinch a major party’s Presidential nomination.

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