Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lil' Wayne Sells One Million (in a Week)

Lil Wayne frolics in air on TVUm... congrats?

Your favorite raspy rapper has gone platinum in one week. Selling one million copies since its June 10 release "The Carter III", Wayne's sixth album, gives him the best debut so far this year. The last album to sell one million in its debut week was "The Massacre" by 50 Cent. No album in 2006 broke 800,000 copies sold in its first week out. Kanye West's 2007 effort "Graduation" was a mere 50,000 shy of the platinum mark selling 957,000 in its first week despite the competition from Curtis (no pun intended).

Proclaiming himself the "best rapper alive", Wayne has considerably increased his fan base. His previous best week was the opener for "The Carter II" which entered the 2005 charts at No. 2 moving 238,000 units its debut week. Wayne says "The Carter III" released via Cash Money/ Universal is "completely left field". He also, apparently, has taught himself to play guitar taking credit for riffs on [Shop Boyz'] "Party Like A Rockstar (remix)". "A lot of people don't know that's me," said the rapper born Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.

Reviews have been mixed for "The Carter III"; the Boston Globe seeming 'polite by obligation' while XXL says it was just "OK" and OkayPlayer doesn't even seem to acknowledge the release. Additionally, the album suffered many delays and setbacks. So fans expectations are probably set to be underachieved regardless of the performance on wax. The frequent changes to the release date were mostly due to leaks. So many occurred that Sylvia Rhone (Universal Motown President) decided to release five to six of the leaked tracks under the title "The Leak". When asked if he has ever leaked his music Wayne responded:
Hell, no. I'm not with file-sharing and downloading. The reason I haven't put an album out in four years is because for the past three my music's been leaked. If you think about it, "Tha Carter III" is really technically like "Tha Carter VI." That's how busy I've been. That's why I put so many mixtapes out. If you hear any of them from this month or last month or the month before that, and it's a song that doesn't contain a beat from someone else, then that's a leaked song.


Yeah, i only put this here because I figured someone else would care. Good for him for learning an instrument though, invest in your craft. He also said something about listening to Prince. Then again who doesn't? Also, from what i hear that Coldplay album (Viva La Vida) is about to waylay the market. So bask in the thugnificence now, mayn. Gone and bank.

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